We Are Equal program: Episode 1

Palestinian women are still subjected to societal violence, this was premised on a patriarchal cultural heritage based on discrimination against women in all aspects of life. This distinction is reflected in the laws and regulations prevailing in Palestine despite some progress and theoretical development. Violence rates are still high, killing women phenomenon, the basic human rights and the right to live are violated. Women also have difficulties in obtaining equal rights in education, health, family inheritance, work, equal salary, property and housing rights. Many laws forbid the rights of marriage or divorce. All in all, this violence is a burden on women and puts them in a difficult confrontation against discrimination and violence against them.
How to cope with this violence in all its forms, We will have with us the head of the Women and Gender Unit of the Ministry of Social Development of Palestine and the Director of Protection and Empowerment of Women and the Family, Miss Saeda Al- Atrash.