She faced a smear campaign after calling for discussion on Palestine at Harvard University. – Dalal Erekat

“Dalal Iriqat, an Associate Professor and a diplomatic expert, defies the limited representation of women in conflict and diplomacy. Hailing from Palestine, she has become a prominent figure, known for her insightful analyses and opinions. Despite the underrepresentation of women in media, Dalal has emerged as a distinguished voice, invited to speak on various TV channels and platforms.
Scheduled to address a gathering of diplomats, including Jared Kushner, on March 7th, Dalal finds herself at the center of an incitement campaign due to her bold opinions. Her expertise in conflict resolution and diplomacy has garnered attention and admiration, but it has also attracted controversy.
Facing scrutiny and opposition, Dalal remains steadfast in her commitment to shedding light on the complexities of the Palestinian situation. Her journey challenges stereotypes, as she navigates a male-dominated field and confronts incitement campaigns with resilience and determination. Dalal Iriqat’s story exemplifies the strength of Palestinian women breaking barriers in diplomacy and conflict analysis.”