Illusion sellers: About the political aid project

The upcoming parliamentary elections will not be an easy picnic for the Aounists, after the years of their reign have exhausted their political experience, with all the calamities, failures and scandals that it has brought.

However, there is no confirmation up to the moment that these elections – if they happen on time – will carry a decisive and final blow to the Free Patriotic Movement’s project. On the contrary, the electoral scene, with all its news, settlements and deals, suggests that the nature of the law will allow every prominent sectarian force to maintain a minimum share of its sect’s seats, with the exception of those who abstain from contesting elections. Relativism with sectarian quotas and preferential votes has become just a recipe for allocating the seats of the sects according to the sizes of the sectarian “blocks” in each district.

On the verge of the end of the era and with the parliamentary elections approaching, it may be appropriate to review the project put forward by Political Aounism before it entered power, compared to the actual performance that was achieved after it reached the top of the pyramid in the executive authority.