UNMUTE-Celebrating Womens Voices In The Middle East

Institut Français in Amman + Online (Zoom)
12:30 PM - 05:00 PM

Over the past year, women journalists, influencers, and women featured in media, along with female users in general, have experienced heightened discrimination based on their actions, words, and gender.  In the face of this backlash against women’s rights and in the context of the International Women’s Day 2024, the Qarib program invites you to join UNMUTE  – a platform for highlighting the transformational power of media to address the discriminatory social attitudes that have affected women and girls for far too long.

Join us on 08 March from 12h-17h for a full day of workshops, discussions and expositions at the Institut Français in Amman as we confront regressive trends in media and put a spotlight on the accomplishments and challenges faced by women journalists and media workers, offering a unique opportunity to champion their work and inspire a more equitable future within the media industry. Together, let’s celebrate women’s resilience and let‘s UNMUTE to create a more inclusive and equitable future, where every woman is valued, respected, and empowered.

The Agenda

HERSTORY Exhibition second Edition 2024 | Stories about HER from Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

Workshop By Dr.Khaled Nasser | Managing Work and Life Stressors: Mental Wellbeing for Female Journalists workshop (10:30h-12:30h)

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Opening | A Word from Laetitia Barbe, Director of the Institut Français (12:30h)

Women in conflict zone | Interactive hybrid discussion I (13:00 h-14:30h)

What are the most emotionally taxing aspects of covering wars, particularly in recent conflicts? How do these experiences differ for female reporters, and what unique challenges do they face?In this hybrid discussion, experienced women journalists will share their experiences from recent work in conflict zones, reflecting on the additional challenges women may face while covering wars, and on whether they would pursue this career if their countries were not at war. They will also delve into the question of whether stereotypical perceptions of the roles of females and males in journalism are grounded in tangible realitiesAdditionally, as this year marks the ten-year anniversary since ISIS took control over Mosul, the conversation will shed light on the current situation of women’s issues in Mosul. It will highlight both achievements and challenges that must be addressed, offering valuable insights into the ongoing struggle for gender equality in post-conflict regions.


Challenging Bias in Media and Discourse | Interactive hybrid discussion II (14:45-16:15PM)

While progress has been made in increasing the representation of women in key positions within media outlets, questions arise regarding whether this has truly translated into fair practices, advancement for women, and a reduction in biases. The mere fact that women are represented in influential positions within media platforms does not necessarily guarantee the creation of an inclusive discourse.

We must ask ourselves: Is it sufficient to solely rely on women in leadership positions to ensure fair treatment and representation of women’s issues? Or do we need to cultivate a broader media culture that inherently values and respects the perspectives and experiences of women?

These questions prompt us to critically examine not only the presence of women in media leadership but also the underlying structures and practices within media organizations that shape how women’s issues are portrayed and addressed.


Closing and the Launch of Qarib Journalism Award 2024 (16:15-17:00)

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