Qarib Talk #8: Editorial challenges for covering the war in Gaza between emotional toll and journalistic standards: Perspectives from media makers from Jordan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon

How do media professionals from countries affected by the war in Gaza navigate the fine line between providing objective reporting and addressing the emotional toll of the conflict on local communities?

How do cultural sensitivities and diverse perspectives within and across the region influence the framing of news stories related to the war in Gaza?

In what ways can media outlets strike a balance between the responsibility to accurately inform the public and avoiding the amplification of divisive narratives during times of conflict?

And what challenges arise in accurately representing the narratives of different communities affected by the conflict, and how can media outlets address these challenges?

In our QaribTalk #8 we want to provide a platform to discuss these questions and how they were treated inside newsrooms, how editors dealt with the high empathy of journalists and how they reached an editorial line for their coverage.

We are therefore very happy to have six very experienced media personalities from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq to share experiences, discuss challenges, and explore solutions: Obaida Farajalla (Cofounder and Director of Radio Najah/Jordan), Munia Dweik (Palestine Office Manager, Roya TV), Monjed Jadou (Director of the Palestine News Network), Diana Mukalled (Cofounder and Editor at, Zouheir Debs (Editor in Chief of and Abdulhameed Zebari (Editor in Chief of Kurdistan24 online/Iraq).

The debate will be moderated by Qarib’s Editorial Advisors Nada Abdelsamad and Mohammad Shamma.

Please join the debate online on 14 December from 11h-12:30h (Jordan, Iraq), t.i. 10h-11:30h  (Lebanon, Palestine) here (link coming soon).


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