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Wishbox Media is a company that offers innovative marketing packages, research services and media training. We value the power of storytelling to succeed in today’s digital landscape. We guide our clients through a process of story and communications design and then offer a complete package, or ‘wishbox’, that includes tools such as customized visual stories, GIF’s, animation, infographics, photography, interactive maps, videos and more.

The company was launched in June 2019 with its main office in Amman and works across the Arab world. It aims to contribute to development in the region by creating original media content and producing customized training programs and workshops for content creators, journalists, communications officers and non-media professionals. We work with companies, foundations and nonprofits, helping them to ‘tell their story’ in each place and reach a wide audience.

We partner with popular, dynamic online platforms and public relations professionals who brings a fresh perspective to the media scene, and we collaborate with some of the most talented contemporary Arab artists to produce beautiful images and products.