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“The Best Media Coverage for the Governorate Councils, Municipal Councils, and the Amman Municipality Council elections 2022” Project is launched by the Community Media Network to produce radio reports highlighting the elections in the various governorates of the Kingdom.

These reports focus professionally on the general electoral scene in the various governorates of the Kingdom, which reflect the election’s image as closely as possible, and contribute in improving the election standards of citizens.

The project includes the implementation of 12 radio reports before the elections and 12 after, by young journalists from the three regions. Moreover, 10 debates between the candidates will be broadcast live on Radio Al-Balad and social media channels. In addition to the direct coverage of Election Day. After the election, a summary of the reports and debates will be presented during the morning program and will be broadcasted twice a week.

Those debates will be conducted via the Zoom between competing candidates from all governorates for the presidency and membership of the provincial councils, municipal councils, and the Amman Municipality Council, and broadcast on Radio Al-Balad and on its Facebook page, moderated by interlocutors from Radio Al-Balad.

The project is supported by the Qareeb Program, a regional program implemented by the French Agency for Media Development (CFI), and funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD).

The Community Media Network operates Radio Al Balad and AmmanNet, a non-profit organization founded and managed by Daoud Kuttab. It was registered on March 19, 2007 under No. (156) with the aim of establishing and managing media and cultural projects in the Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab world.