Roya Palestine

Roya Palestine

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Roya TV will be participating in the production and broadcasting of reports and vox pops via its reporters in all governorates through its different programs such as Nabd El Balad, News Bulletin, Akhbar Al Sabea, Caravan, Donya ya Donya and Qahwet El Horeyeh, in addition to the production of Infographics videos on its website and social media.


The reports will tackle the challenges that municipalities are facing from one side and to encourage citizens to vote for the right candidates, the reports will include special interviews with decision makers and specialist from the civil society to address the public participation and social, political and economic reforms, a public debate on Nabd El Balad will also be a part on this campaign.


The topics of the reports will focus on the importance of Youth participation in electoral process, by addressing the key messages of the willingles of participation in the electoral process, how to choose their candidates and if those candidates actually reflect the needs and aspirations of the Jordanian voter through their announced campaigns.


The reports will also focus on the achievements of the previous municipal and governorate councils and the challenges to the new elected officials.


The project will also include a live coverage to the adherence to the instructions of the electoral campaign and polling day, as well as monitoring violation, percentages and results through live coverage on the main news bulletin and news briefs.