“I took these pictures of my family, my family, my neighbors and my friends on normal days, when the electricity goes out most of the time.. I took the pictures during the day, so what we miss when the power goes out is not only the light!

My father is close to seventy, but he is very far from retirement. He has a wholesale clothing store, the electricity goes out most of the working hours, and of course he can’t change the working hours of his employees. “We spend half our working hours without electricity,” he says. Customers cannot see the goods clearly, so they leave.”
As I try to understand the surrealism we live in Lebanon, I ask him over and over again, “Were things worse in the civil war or now?” He would answer me without hesitation, “Now it’s worse. The last 15 years, every year was worse than the one before, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! At least in the war he had money with people. Corruption has always been there but today it is open and shameless, it has become a way of doing things; On your eyes, merchant.”