QARIB’s Green Journalism Scholarships

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Brief description of the background of the proposed idea? (Describe the social, political, cultural or economic context of the issue that you want to address, max. 500 words)                
Why your is your idea relevant and new? Describe your idea, the potential interviewees and/or represented citizens, and specify the angle, the target group (also expected number and gender of audience) and location(s): (Please provide a clear and concise description of the planned production (max 500 word) 

How is your proposed idea creative, innovative and interactive in content and format? (max 250 words)        
Provide a timeline for implementing the idea within one months until 23 October at the latest (Please acknowledge all aspects of the project, from preparation to implementation and delivery of content (including translations) on time):                    
BUDGET: Specify the eventual expenses for travel, accommodation and meals for the entire production. The costs will be reviewed by the Qarib Team against the program’s eligibility criteria, and reimbursed.                         PLEASE note that the written content must be translated into English, for the audio content an English summary must be provided, the video content must have English subtitles. Eventual expenses have to be borne by the scholarship holders and have to be taken into account when applying.