Qarib in the International women’s day | World.Wide.Women – Women’s equity in MENA’s digital media

The internet could be a place where ideas and thoughts can be freely shared, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity and socio-economic affiliation – and, of course, regardless of gender. Today, however, the internet, the producers of shared content and journalistic stories, the owners of platforms and websites, the debates and users, and even algorithms also reflect the social realities that prevail in countries around the world, including in the Middle East: Women are still underrepresented in media coverage, stereotypes are too often repeated, women are structurally underrepresented especially in leadership positions in high-tech professions and journalism, social media users are discriminated against because of their gender, and there is a digital divide between men and women. So how can the promise of equality in digital media be realized? 


On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we want to discuss these and other questions with you and our outstanding speakers in two interactive panel discussions. We will also open an exhibition of strong journalistic stories by women that are in themselves an answer to this question. And we will announce a journalistic competition to further promote this reporting. 


Join us in person at the Institut Français in Amman (Registration only) , or join the debate online here , on 08th March from  4 pm to 8 pm– Amman Time.

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