A deep desire to boycott the elections

This figure represents the percentage of people who do not want to participate in the upcoming elections, according to a study conducted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in late 2021.

The number may not be sufficient to conclude the intention of the boycott among the majority of people, or the sample may not reflect the opinions of an entire people. But the lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming elections does not need much research. Less than two months separate us from it, and at the most sensitive stage in the country’s history, enthusiasm for it is almost non-existent, with the exception of the enthusiasm of political professionals, whether they are from the parties of the authority or its opponents.

How could the situation be otherwise? In the best case, we are told that the elections are a stepping stone in a long procession of change that will not change our reality and its tragedies. Why the enthusiasm if there is no possibility of any real change that will result from this entitlement?